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2 September 2020 - 4 September 2020
Virtual MariMatch 2020 - International Maritime Event

**Are you interested to know what happened in the content sessions and open innovation panels? Find the sessions' recordings in the "Recordings & Presentations" section (in progress) **

Stay healthy but stay connected - come aboard for virtual MariMatch 2020!

To keep in touch with maritime innovation despite of COVID-19 pandemic, the Sector Group Maritime Industries and Services of Enterprise Europe Network invites you to MariMatch 2020!

Not just another webinar but a virtual place to meet.

Virtual MariMatch 2020 combines pre-arranged 1-1 virtual meetings with interactive content sessions about hot topics of maritime innovation, open innovation panels and open networking opportunities. The event takes place over three days, but you can select which sessions to join and which timeslots you want for your meetings.

Programme Overview

Why participate ?

  • Showcase your most favorable projects, products or know-how
  • Meet with potential business partners in pre-scheduled virtual face-to-face meetings
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Get latest information on maritime issues
  • Meet and share views with researchers and experts
  • Free of charge event thanks to funding by European Commission

Register now online and select which sessions you would like to join!

About Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond. Bringing together around 600 business support organisations from more than 60 countries our experts can help you to find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or finance. And they can advise you on issues so diverse as sustainability-driven innovation, going international or Intellectual Property. Have a look at the wide range of services offered free of charge here.


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Participants 317
Meetings 315
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Austria 1
Belgium 14
Brazil 3
Bulgaria 6
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Estonia 3
Finland 16
France 44
Germany 34
Greece 26
Iceland 1
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Italy 33
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Lithuania 4
Luxembourg 1
Malta 4
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Netherlands 31
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Slovenia 3
Spain 25
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Turkey 43
Ukraine 7
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 50
United States 3
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Total 416
Maritime Innovator 81
Manufacturer 52
Service Provider 69
Supplier 29
Distributor / Agent 5
Shipyard 10
Shipping Company / Shipowner 8
Port or Terminal Operator 2
Authority 18
Research Partner 39
Consultant 42
Other 61
Total 416
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After event 2068
Total 17218