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2 September 2020 - 4 September 2020
Virtual MariMatch 2020 - International Maritime Event

Day 1, September 2nd, 10-12am CEST

Towards a sustainable maritime economy
Sustainability-driven innovation is a key driver for future oriented growth of Europe's maritime sector. Let us discuss current trends, opportunities and challenges in two alternative sessions:

Track A: Towards a sustainable waterborne transport
subtopics: green shipping, zero-emission waterborne transport, zero-emission ports, EU funding opportunities

--> check Track A detailed agenda 

Track B: Towards a sustainable interaction with our oceans and seas
subtopics: co-location of different activities in marine space, sustainable aquaculture, algae applications, blue bioeconomy, EU funding 

--> check Track B detailed agenda 

Day 2, September 3rd, 10-12am CEST

Improving efficiency and safety through digitization and automation
Digitalization and the use of data already have had a huge impact on shipping, but there are still further opportunities can be discovered allowing maritime industry to make quicker and better-informed decisions and to become more efficient. Let us discuss current trends, opportunities and challenges in two alternative sessions:

Track C: Ship automation and digital support of the crew
subtopics: supporting the crew with remote guidance, increasing efficiency with data capture and analytics, autonomous ships 

--> check Track C detailed agenda 

Track D: Smart ports, terminals and logistics
subtopics: smart ports, smart terminals, track and trace solutions
detailed agenda coming soon

--> check Track D detailed agenda 

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